"SPECTRAL REPAIR" performed at the Gimli Film Festival. Hand-animated assemblage of refracted light projections by Doreen Girard, performed with multiple projectors and lenses, with live sound accompaniment by Marie-France Hollier.

The performance was mesmerizing. An etherial experience that felt sensorial and at the same time spiritual. I shot these while documenting for the Gimli Film Festival. 



Visceral Goo by artist Madeline Rae.

Performative Sculpture art piece documentation, April 21st, 2018. 

Madeline Rae is a diverse artist, working predominantly with "film photography, video, and performance. Her work tends to explore sensuality and all of its facets—different pronounced moments you might face in life whether it being grief, extreme amounts of joy. For me, it seems she looks into how sensuality can be a tool to work through these moments in life. She often uses herself along with others in the work." (Quote by Talia Shaaked via Public Parking


Andrea Roberts is a "Canadian multidisciplinary artist whose work explores sound, technology, affect, and embodiment within capitalism. Roberts writes on issues of sound, technology, gender and the voice, and has performed in a number of noise and experimental music projects including their solo project VOR." I photographed Andrea in her studio for the Public Parking blog with Luther Konadu.