From an interview conducted by Luther Konadu for the Public Parking blog. 

"I wanted to be an animator because I watched a lot of anime as a kid...then I became interested in the city landscape and Portage Place Mall as this perpetually animated space filled with less and less people over the years. The more empty it becomes, the more meditative it feels. Growing up I spent a lot of time in Portage Place. I took its decor for granted. What other local mall looks as festive as Portage Place? I made one painting of the mall and picked up this habit of altering the depth of forms from my original photos of the space. Then I wanted to make spaces like an emptied out, meditative retail environment but I also still wanted to draw. So I just turned my drawings into objects to make spaces with. The spaces didn't turn out very 'retail'-looking though. The installations I make will never be 'real' spaces, they're always pretend-places. I feel conflicted about that right now." - Katrina Mendoza,