POLYCORO is a professional choir that engages the audience in an immersive musical experience, often featuring visual and spacial elements. They sang a bit for me and let me tell you, I haven’t had an experience like it on a shoot before. It was magical.



This year I was the Gimli Film Festival event photographer. It was so great to be asked to capture the feelings and vibes of the festival without a shot list! I felt very appreciated as an artist :) I hope you enjoy the photos and feel inspired to go to the festival next year!


“CARL Robson Hall is a newly formed student chapter of the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers (CARL). CARL Robson Hall seeks to build knowledge and understanding..in the areas of refugee and immigration law.”

They held a fundraiser at the Langside Grocery, where a few students and members work, to raise some funds and create a place of connecting for young lawyers and Winnipeg’s seasoned refugee advocates. It was inspiring to be around such passionate and stimulating conversation.